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Act of Communications

ACT OF COMMUNICATION™ (Producer), founded in 1977 and based in Culver City, California, is the premier trial consulting firm specializing in courtroom communications. Nationally recognized for its excellent consulting work with lawyers and witnesses on a range of cases, including Business Litigation, Criminal Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability and Employment, the company has set a new standard as an innovator in legal and trial consulting.  Company founders, Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James, are experts in learning and education theory, as well as the study of human behavior - how people learn, how they process information and how they deliberate. As working professionals in film, television and theatre, they specialize in teaching communication skills based in the discipline of theatre.  They teach precise theatrical techniques lawyers can use to optimize results in witness preparation, depositions and negotiation conferences, trial strategy, judge and juror communications, opening and closing statements, mediation, arbitration and other professional appearances and settings.


Katherine and Alan have trained more than 40,000 lawyers through their programs and workshops, using theatre training as a model for courtroom success. Their clients include law firms and legal departments around the country, and they have been a part of teams that have brought more than 2,000 cases to trial. They have also served as faculty at various trial colleges, universities, and law schools, including NITA, ALI-ABA, The Defense Research Institute, Attorneys General Advocacy Institute, USC Law School, Harvard Law School and Georgetown Law School.  Their professional memberships include the American Society of Trial Consultants and they are founding members of the American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) Ultimate College. For more information on Katherine James, Alan Blumenfeld, and their programs, visit

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