Sean A - Winter Park, Florida

"I have two daughters and completely agree with everything that was in the presentation. I tried to use these strategies in every aspect of my life."

Robert W - Dedham, Massachusetts

"Actively seek to increase diversity of contacts, advisors and service providers"

Michelle D - Portland, Maine

"power of mentoring"

Mary Ellen W - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"tools for dealing with uncomfortable situations"

Kelly S - Alfred, Maine

"Nothing. "

Timothy R - Scarborough, Maine

"Watch language throughout workplace"

Craig G - North Waterboro, Maine

"Diverse trial prep"

Paul G - Portland, Maine

"I liked the idea of pursuing others who are not like minded in my profession."

Temma D - Portland, Maine

"Speaking up about pay inequality "

Bridget O - WAYNE, Maine

"We can all help address this issue through advocacy, education and mentoring others. "