S. Michael A - Westbrook, Maine

"Metadata removal"

Anthony A - Portland, Maine

"Study Delaware law"

Ryan H - Tecumseh, Kansas

"I hadn't kept up with Garner et al. naming "here-" "there-" and "where-" words as imprecise and ambiguous. I try very hard to write agreements in common language, but sometimes recital paragraphs just make sense to set the stage."

Reese H - Overland Park, Kansas

"Drafting language. "

John D - Worcester, Massachusetts

"Always use plain language and common sense."

Christopher R - Westbrook, Maine

"Information security"

Keen U - Bel Aire, Kansas

"Document Inspector and Formal Opinion 477 Evidence of Incompetence drafting "

John R - Portland, Maine

"I consider myself a solid, plain English drafter. I will still insist on exchanging Word documents, because it is kludgy to covert from pdfs or to comment, but I will be sure to clear metadata from the properties of the documents I send."

Andi L - St. Louis, Missouri

"Good info about cloud computing to be more comfortable with it."

Michael G - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Exercise more care over my control of metadata."